AO Projects with Scrum X

Speaking about projects in an agile context is always funny. In January, I had a conversation with my friends Mike and Michael in Vienna, and when addressed the point of project management, they began getting very emotional. In their positions as agile trainers, there is no project management in Agile. My perspective was precisely on the opposite.

AO Programs

Programs are a collection of projects and support activities supporting a single significant initiative. In an agile and empirical manner, you never start a program as such. You start with a project that once reached its goal becomes larger. The agile way of working supposes that all projects or programs are “greenfield” by default.

The AO process

Initially Hoshin Kanri has been influenced by Deming PDCA´s and Drucker´s management by objective. The Agile way of doing it is to assume that the first strategy is maybe wrong and it will be improved empirically over time.