What is AO?

AO means agile Organisations and it is a simple framework allowing your organization to experiment with agile behaviour.

Organisations are behaving like social networks with very simple rules:

  • agents or people as a single entity
  • alignment: how agents line up with each other
  • cohesion: what binds agents together
  • separation: what separates agents from each other

This is also known as flocking behaviour experimented by Craig Reynolds with Boids or with the magic roundabout in Swindon(UK).

In this blog, I will try to answer quite challenging questions allowing you to better understand how AO is working. Here some of the points:

  • what is agile and why is this important for our future?
  • what are an organization and the difference with structure?
  • why most of the agile scaling frameworks are failing?
  • it is not about software development, it´s all about communicating
  • the details of the framework and applicable methods
  • implementing AO at SAP HQ
  • continuous organization and change
  • preparing agile coaches and leaders for AO

The purpose of this blog is to prepare the publication of the AO book and to test my concepts with you. My hidden agenda is to make it simple as possible allowing high skilled researchers or Board of Directors and even your children to understand how simple an organization can be, and how complicated it is to keep it simple.

Hope you will enjoy it.

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Certified Agile Coach & Trainer, Organization Developer & Advisor

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