Design Agile Organization (Luxembourg)


September 10


03:00 pm - 07:00 pm

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agile organizations, system coaching


agile² GmbH

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Silversquare Luxembourg

21 Rue Glesener

Luxembourg, Luxembourg, 1631

85% of non-managing people are asking to change the paradigm of how the work is addressed... It is the end of Line Management to Networks.

About this Event

The context of work has changed. Prof. Dr Peter Kruse highlight three main consequences of the “Tsunami” of globalization and networking:

  • “Exponentially growing Complexity changing the rules of the Economy and leadership in impact.
  • The tremendous growth of democratization: the power has shifted from offer to demand.
  • Dissolution of structural boundaries: core melting.”

In a growingly complex world, the traditional rational tools can’t help you analyze the situation. They will only be giving you a particular aspect of that situation. That aspect can be different from one device to another, from one methodology to another.

“Agile” is a way to address complexity from an organizational perspective. There is some cause and effects relationship between actions to take: Service Experience (SX) is the consequence of Customer Experience (CX) and People Experience (PX). To ensure a better experience, you have to design a perfect context: Organization Experience (OX).

This workshop will experiment with you the three agile superpowers to make your agile an awesome agile:

  • The Power of Kawaii: Viewing Cute Images Promotes a Careful Behavior and Narrows Attentional Focus.
  • Nudge: An environment influencing people or a group of people for decision making.
  • Gamification: the dynamics influencing behaviour for a particular behaviour.


Attention: this session will be in English

Workshop objectives:

  • Design Alliance: understand the purpose of agile: a method? A tool? A process? A mindset? Or something else? and define “your agile.”
  • Start with the end in mind: being able to identify how far you can go in agile: how does an agile organization look alike when 100% agile and what comes before.
  • Measure & Learn: provide tools and techniques to start your transformation: coaching and facilitation tools to lead the change bottom-up and top-down.
  • Face your truth: designing your organization as a social network to unleash hidden creativity potentials: best tips & tricks tested the last decade
  • From S to XXXL: get a simple step by step approach to visualize your system agile maturity (team, department, facility, entity, corporation)
  • Living system: introduce the concept of continuous organization & the challenges of globally distributed teams
  • Worklife balance: propose an approach as a response to “work from anywhere”: how can you keep “your agile” when no one is sitting in the same room.


  • Introduction of the AO (agile organization) principles
  • What is agile? And what isn’t agile.
  • The structure is not the same as the organization
  • Agile systems dynamics
  • Five organizational levels from robustness to responsiveness
  • Change strategies

Facilitation method: training like coaching and serious gaming

Who should attend?

Agile coaches, Organizational Development coaches, People Managers, Leaders, HR People, Consultants, Facilitators, Project managers, Program Managers, Teachers


Pierre E. Neis is an experienced agile coach working most of his time to help organizations in being more human, more innovative, more performing all around the globe. From that experience, a couple of patterns have emerged, and he collected them into a set of principles and a framework called AO (agile Organizations).

AO is the core of the agile coaching program that Pierre and his colleagues have designed to professionalize agile coaching.


The price contains documentation and drinks.

This workshop will give you credentials for the agile coaching certification program.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us in case of any questions:

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